Practitioner therapist, spécialist in member shiatsu of the labor syndicate professonnel of shiatsu, R.N.C.P.
Certificate validated by I French state areal complementary therapy to correct.
The malfunction interns to favor and to maintain the health hand le the diseases specific.
Practice military, energy to be well and cultural.




Diaphragmatic breathing (or stomach)
Costal breathing (of the collarbone)
Collarbone breathing (or high breathing).

The mechanism and development of internai breathing

The fundamentals of Shiatsu
The doctrine of Shiatsu
The diagnosis of Shiatsu
Three effects of massage
The twelve meridians in relation to the five elements
The movement of energy in the body, rising and falling
The radial pulse.
Chinese chronobiology 

The placement of the strikes on the points
The harm which can be caused by the impact of the strike on the point affected.


Links between the mental centres and the spinal column
The glands and their relationships
The cosmic links between the five sections of the spinal column
The sevenfold constitution of man
Understanding of breathing
The seven pripcipal chakras and the three nadis
The mental centres.

To take care of oneself, takes some of one's time, and one's activities ; to take care of one's body, an act of love, internai, precious, subtle and beneficial.
Ta know oneself, ta find oneself, to test one's energy, ta probe one's capabilities.
To measure, to feel, to assess one's own pain with reasoning and with calmness..